Hammer-wielding man caught on camera stealing Twiglet the miniature dachshund

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Hammer-wielding man caught on camera stealing Twiglet the miniature dachshund

A masked, hammer-wielding intruder has been caught on camera stealing a terrified miniature dachshund from her home in Essex.

Sixteen-month-old Twiglet was snatched from her home in Saffron Walden at about 3pm on Wednesday.

In CCTV footage released by Essex Police, a man, wearing a black cap and a black mask, is seen entering the property’s kitchen.

Twiglet put up a good fight

Twiglet is 16 months old


A burglar alarm sounds and Twiglet starts panicking and barking.

Initially, she evades him but he grabs her and they struggle for a few seconds before the man clamps her jaw shut to stop her barking, before making off with her.

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“This burglary has been incredibly distressing for the victims and, as the public can imagine, they just want to see the safe return of Twiglet,” said Detective Inspector Jamie Stirland.

Such cases are “rare” and officers are “carrying out multiple inquiries, including reviewing CCTV in the area”, Mr Stirland added.


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“I am directly appealing to the man in this video, asking him to return Twiglet safely.”

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information or footage, perhaps from a dashcam, is asked to contact the force on 101 or report it online

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