University friends pay tribute to ‘generous and kind person’ killed in Titan sub implosion

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University friends pay tribute to ‘generous and kind person’ killed in Titan sub implosion

The university friends of the 19-year-old who was killed in the Titan sub implosion have paid tribute to the “incredibly generous and kind person”.

The four friends of Suleman Dawood, who attended Strathclyde University with him and only wanted to give their first names, described him as a supportive and empathetic friend.

Isaac said: “Suleman was not only an incredibly generous and kind person in the conventional sense, he also had a remarkable capacity for giving his time and empathy.

“Suleman embodied everything of a true friendship, he always displayed genuine concern for me and my friends, and was always there to give support.

“His presence in my life was a comforting reminder that someone truly cared for me and would be there with me through anything.

“The world has lost such a wonderful person and my love goes out to the Dawood family.”

Meanwhile, Calum said he has “not met anyone else like Suleman”.

“Coming to university was an incredibly daunting and scary part of my life but Suleman, who was one of the first people I met, instantly made me feel welcomed and safe.

“He always found time to listen to you no matter how small it was and offer his thoughts, and was always putting others in front of himself.

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“He loved making memories with his friends, whether that be going for a meal, watching a film, or as simple as spending time with him.

“Anyone who knew him knew how much of a generous and down-to-earth person he was, who spoke often and highly of how much he loved and [how] proud he was of his family.

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“Even writing this it is unthinkable to know that we have lost such an amazing friend.”

Another friend Joe was critical of online comments making assumptions about Suleman – the son of prominent Pakistani billionaire Shahzada Dawood who was also killed in the implosion.

“He was the most helpful person I have ever met and not just with helping with everyday problems.


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“He was incredibly kind and respectful and had great affection for his parents and his sister, which he always spoke very highly of.

“Anyone who knew him, even if it was for a short period of time knows how much of a loss this is for the world.”

Meanwhile, Cody said Suleman was “a good person who cared intently about someone he hadn’t even met” after Suleman approached the homesick student and offered him a sandwich.

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Strathclyde University also offered its condolences to the Dawood family.

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, the principal and vice-chancellor of the university, said: “We are shocked and profoundly saddened by the death of Suleman Dawood and his father in this tragic incident.

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“The entire Strathclyde community offers our deepest condolences to the Dawood family and all those affected by this terrible accident.

Earlier, Suleman’s high school paid tribute to the former student who “embodied the true spirit of exploration”.

Suleman’s aunt said he had been “terrified” before the trip, but had gone along as a Father’s Day present.

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