Jack Hanson


Meet the charismatic and talented Jack Hanson, a revered resident Presenter at Trent who takes the airwaves by storm as the dynamic host of our much-loved UK Garage & Bassline show. With an impressive and diverse background in the world of radio, Jack’s journey through the airwaves has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Before finding his home at Trent, Jack’s passion for radio led him to traverse various roles and stations across the United Kingdom, leaving a trail of success and innovation in his wake. From his early days as a determined intern to his rise through the ranks to more prominent positions, Jack’s dedication and knack for captivating his audience were evident from the outset.

Now, every Friday evening from 9pm to 11pm, listeners eagerly tune in to experience Jack’s unrivaled expertise and infectious energy as he curates and presents the finest selection of new and emerging UK Garage & Bassline tracks from every corner of the country. His commitment to spotlighting both established and up-and-coming artists has transformed his show into a must-listen for anyone seeking a pulse on the vibrant UK music scene.

Jack’s magnetic personality and deep-rooted connection to the music he showcases create an immersive experience for his audience. Whether you’re a devoted fan of the genre or a curious newcomer, his show promises a journey through the rhythmic landscapes of UK Garage & Bassline that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

So, mark your calendars and set your alarms because Friday nights with Jack Hanson on Trent are a sonic adventure you won’t want to miss. Let his expert curation and passion for the music electrify your senses and keep you grooving well into the night.

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